How to manage multiple Windows Azure subscriptions with PowerShell

You can have several Windows Azure subscriptions defined in Windows Azure PowerShell. This lets you easily manage several subscriptions from the same PowerShell console. These are the steps required to add a new Windows Azure Subscription to your Windows Azure PowerShell profile:

  1. Generate a management certificate:
    makecert.exe -pe -n “CN=<certificate subject>” -ss My –r <certificate filename>.cer
  2. Upload management certificate through Windows Azure portal (Settings->Management Certificates):
  3. Copy the subscription ID:
  4. Add subscription to default subscription data file:
    Set-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName <subscription name> –SubscriptionId <subscription ID> –Certificate <path to cer file> –CurrentStorageAccount <storage account name>

Miscellaneous subscription related commands:

  • List all subscriptions currently defined in Windows Azure PowerShell profile:
  • List current subscription:
    Get-AzureSubscription –Default
  • Set current subscription:
    Set-AzureSubscription -DefaultSubscription <subscription name>
  • Do not specify a default subscription:
    Set-AzureSubscription –NoDefaultSubscription
  • Display currently selected subscription:
    Get-AzureSubscription –Current
  • Set a specific subscription as the active one:
    Select-AzureSubscription –SubscriptionName <subscription>

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