Exchange 2007: MSExchangeIS 9554

I encountered this error in the Application log of an Exchange 2007 server:
EntryType          : Warning
EventID            : 9554
Message            : Unable to update Mailbox SD in the DS. Mailbox Guid: 1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea. Error Code 0x8004010f
Category           : General
CategoryNumber     : 6
ReplacementStrings : {1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea, 0x8004010f}
Source             : MSExchangeIS
TimeGenerated      : 09.11.2007 12:23:22
TimeWritten        : 09.11.2007 12:23:22
UserName           :
To find the mailbox causing this error you can use the following Exchange Management Shell command:
Get-MailboxStatistics | where { $_.MailboxGuid -eq ‘1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea’ } |ft displayname,mailboxguid
Change the GUID in the command to match the code you get in the error.
I love PowerShell!

DS Inconsistency?

DCDiag (included in Windows Server 2003 Support Tools) reported a stange error at a site the other day:
Domain Controller Diagnosis
Performing initial setup:
***ERROR: There is an inconsistency in the DS, suggest you run dcdiag in a few moments, perhaps on a different DC.
This was accompanied by the following event in the Directory Services log on all DCs in the forest:
EntryType          : Error
EventID            : 1550
Message            : The following site has no NTDS Site Settings child object.
Site: CN=SITE1,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com
User Action
Create an NTDS Site Settings object for this site using Active Directory Sites and Services.
Category           : Knowledge Consistency Checker
CategoryNumber     : 1
ReplacementStrings : {CN=SITE1,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com}
Source             : NTDS KCC
TimeGenerated      : 11/28/2007 5:41:06 PM
TimeWritten        : 11/28/2007 5:41:06 PM
Sure enough, the NTDS Site Settings and, altough not reported in the log, the License Site Settings object were missing from the site. After I recreated them and replicated the forest, DCDiag ran successfully and the messages in the Event log dissapeared.
As a footnote, the missing NTDS Site Settings object also resulted in the site not having an ISTG server and thus not being able to create inter-site replication objects. The site could only replicate with the other sites because of the existing connection objects, new objects could not be created.

IFilters and Windows Vista x64

I’m a big fan of x64, and that’s why I’m running Windows Vista x64 on all my computers (which support it). The support for x64 from hardware vendors and ISVs is very good, but unfortunately there are some things that are not ready yet. One of those things are IFilters. IFilters are used by the Windows Search service on Windows Vista, and by Desktop Search on Windows XP. There are a lot of IFilters out there, but unfortunately no IFilters compiled for x86 will work on x64. For me, that means that I loose the ability to index, among other things, TIFF files. That represents a major problem for me because I have a very large document library in TIFF format. The real kicker is that Microsoft’s own IFilters that are included with Office 2007, are still x86 and will not work with x64. According to Microsoft, they are working on a fix, but no one knows when this will be available. In the meantime, I have been able to track down a few x64 filters, e.g. the ZIP IFilter to index ZIP archives, and an x64 IFilter for PDF from Foxit Software.
Get them here:
UPDATE: Microsoft have just released a filter pack for several file formats. The packages comes for both x86 and x64. It is supported for installation on Exchange 2007, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 etc. Get it here: