New preview version of Azure AD PowerShell available (Yes, it now supports ADAL!)

I guess the title says it all!

Here is the link to the Microsoft Connect site to download:

Connect-MSOLService now brings up the familiar ADAL prompt with MFA and ADFS support etc. Make sure to read the release notes included, and you should probably uninstall the Microsoft Online Sign In assistant.

Here are the changes:

  • Dependency on the Microsoft Online Service sign in assistant removed.
  • Name of module updated Windows Azure -> Microsoft Azure
  • Connect-MsolService parameter -CurrentCredentials removed.
  • Connect-MsolService parameter -AccessToken added to enable AAD Connect, and other callers to use the PowerShell as a client library.
  • New device management cmdlets:
    • Get-MsolDevice
    • Enable-MsolDevice
    • Disable-MsolDevice
    • Remove-MsolDevice

Few apparentĀ changes in the list of installed products though: