Availability of the Group Policy Hide drives calculator and associated template

A long time ago I created an HTML based application to calculate the numeric values required to hide specific combinations of drive letters through Group Policy. I also made a custom template file where you could enter the numeric value directly instead of editing the templates that came with Windows.
I used to host these files directly on my website, but now I have made them available as a download instead. The link to the download is:
The package contains these files:
  • CustomDrives.adm: The template that lets you enter the numeric values directly.
  • HideDrivesSelector.hta: The HTML based application to calculate the numeric values, as well as doing a “reverse” lookup of existing values.

When I have the time I plan to update the custom template to the new ADMX/ADML format for Windows Server 2008, but I do not think that will be anytime soon (Tempus fugit).

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