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Some Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Cluster Notes

  • You should format you shared disks with NTFS before you form you cluster. If not the disks will not be eligible as witness disks. (NTFS is a requirement for a disk witness.) Do not assign a drive letter or mount point to your witness disk. (Disks used e.g. for a clustered file server needs a drive letter assigned. Do this through Failover Cluster Manager.)
  • If you want to run, say, a clustered file server, the corresponding role must be installed on the nodes of the cluster. This is true for all built-in roles.
  • To be able to add a share to a clustered file server in Failover Cluster Manager; the Remote Volume Management firewall exception must be enabled on all nodes. To enable this exception from the command line:
    netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”Remote Volume Managmenet” new enable=yes
  • To move the default cluster group (called Cluster Group by default) with PowerShell:
    Move-ClusterGroup –Name “Cluster Group” –Node <name of destination node>
  • To see the owner of the default cluster group with PowerShell (the only way you can actually see that information, to my knowledge (except with cluster.exe, of course)):
    Get-ClusterGroup “Cluster Group”

Happy clustering!