Estonian e-Residency

I just applied for e-Residency in Estonia!


As an e-Resident you are issued a secure digital identity by the government of Estonia. This enables you to use services provided by the Estonian state agencies and private sector. Thing you can do:

  • Establish a company online
    Estonian companies can be established, registered, and administered entirely online.
  • Open a bank account in Estonia
    Estonia is well-known for its user-friendly and secure online banking. The e-Resident smart ID card is approved by LHV, Swedbank and SEB banks in Estonia, with others planned in future.
  • Digitally sign documents and contracts
    Digital signatures have been available in Estonia since 2000 and are used daily. More than 200 million digital signatures have been created in Estonia since inception.

As someone interested in digital identities I think this is fantastic stuff, and heralds the coming of a new age of business. Looking forward to visiting the Estonian consulate in Oslo to pick up my ID card.

Read more about Estonian e-resicency here:



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