Speaking at Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NICConf) 2016

Just got a confirmation for two of my session suggestions for NIC 2016. Join me in Oslo February 3-5th 2016!

Here are the sessions I will be giving:

Azure AD B2B and B2C: The next generation collaboration has arrived
Level: 300
Azure AD Business-2-Business and Business-2-Consumer are two new features of the global trust fabric that is Azure Active Directory. With Azure AD B2B many of the identity challenges of collaborating with partners are no longer relevant. The complexities and cost of federation, and the security issues with maintaining accounts for your partners are no longer necessary. Join me to learn how to use these new features to allow anyone you choose to securely use your applications and access your data. We will also cover B2C where Azure AD finally integrates with the major social identity providers like Google, Microsoft Accounts and Facebook to allow you to share data and applications with consumers.
Azure AD Domain Controller Services (DC-as-a-Service): Get rid of Windows Server AD once and for all
Level: 300
Azure AD offers the next generation identity platform built from the ground up to enable the cloud. As more and more organizations adopt and move to Azure AD the need for the traditional Active Directory infrastructure dimishes. But it can be very hard to get rid of our oldest AD dependent applications. With Azure AD Domain Controller Services we can finally take this last step and retire our old domain controllers. Azure AD DCaaS can use Azure AD to emulate a domain controller and thus let us run all our legacy applications while only using Azure AD. Join me in this sessions for a highly technical overview of this new technology.

Hope to see you there!


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