Ever wonder if your Microsoft product is supported for virtualization?

If so, wonder no more!

The Microsoft Common Engineering Criteria (CEC), a 140-page checklist, lists all the requirements a Microsoft product must fulfill before it can ship. One such requirement is “Must support Hyper-V”. So if you cannot support Hyper-V you cannot launch! Microsoft has been kind enough to list all its server software and the software’s current virtualization support in a frequently updates KB article called: KB957006 Microsoft Server Software and supported virtualization environments. Every piece of server software that is currently under support is listed here, along with its virtualization support. Any caveats or limitations are also listed.

Virtualization is not limited to Hyper-V but also any virtualization platform certified under the Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP). And before you ask; Yes, VMWare is validated!

Also remember; supported in this context means Microsoft officially supports virtualizing the software. If your favorite product is not supported, that does not mean it will not run…

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