Automatic Updates Client command line parameters

The Automatic Updates Client Utility (wuauclt.exe) supports a few command line parameters. Some of them are documented, others not. Here are the ones I have found:

Parameter Explanation
/detectnow Run a detection cycle
/a /resetauthorization Resets the WSUS cookie. (If used together with /detectnow; /resetauthorization must be entered before /detectnow.)
/r /ReportNow Sends all queued reporting events to the server asynchronously.
/ShowSettingsDialog Display the Windows Update settings dialogue
/ShowWU Open the Windows Update Control Panel Applet
/ShowWindowsUpdate Open the Windows Update Control Panel Applet
/ShowWUAutoScan Open Windows Update Control Panel Applet and scan for updates
/ShowFeaturedUpdates Opens the Features Updates list
/ShowOptions Opens the Windows Updates Settings window
/ShowFeaturedOptInDialog Opens the OptIn dialogue for Featured Updates
/DemoUI Display Windows Update notification in tray

More info:

One thing to be aware of when it comes to wuauclt.exe is that it has no desire or need whatsoever to inform you whether any of the parameters you submitted actually worked, or were even vaild! No matter what you supply as a parameter to wuauclt.exe you will get absolutely nothing back. So check your typing. You have been warned.

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