Fast User Switching with Remote Desktop

A Windows Vista machine has a user called fourthcoffeejoberry logged on. Another user, fourthcoffeehenrikjensen logs on with Remote Desktop.

  1. fourthcoffeehenrikjensen receives this message, and presses Yes:
  2. The logged on user, fourthcoffeejoberry will see this popup on her desktop and press OK:

    While fourthcoffeehenrikjensen waits for fourthcoffeejoberry to respond, this message is displayed in his Remote Desktop window:
  3. fourthcoffeejoberry will be disconnected from her session and the screen on the Windows Vista machine will display Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log on:
  4. If she presses Ctrl+Alt+Del she will see that she is just disconnected and not logged of:
  5. The currently logged on user, fourthcoffeehenrikjensen can also see this if he opens Task Manager and displays processes from all users:
  6. fourthcoffeehenrikjensen logs off from Remote Desktop, fourthcoffeejoberry can now press Ctrl+Alt+Del and log in again.

If fourthcoffeejoberry tries to log on before fourthcoffeehenrikjensen has logged of, the process happens in reverse.

  1. fourthcoffejoberry presses Ctrl+Alt+Del and logs on, she receives this message:
  2. The prompt is presented to fourthcoffeehenrikjensen (logged on via Remote Desktop):

    While waiting for fourthcoffeehenrikjensen to reply, this message will display on fourthcoffeejoberry’s desktop:
  3. fourthcoffeejoberry is logged on to her session and sees her desktop as it was when she was disconnected. fourthcoffeehenrikjensen is also still logged on. He has to reconnect, disconnecting fourthcoffeejoberry temporarily, to log off from his session.

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