Exchange 2007: MSExchangeIS 9554

I encountered this error in the Application log of an Exchange 2007 server:
EntryType          : Warning
EventID            : 9554
Message            : Unable to update Mailbox SD in the DS. Mailbox Guid: 1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea. Error Code 0x8004010f
Category           : General
CategoryNumber     : 6
ReplacementStrings : {1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea, 0x8004010f}
Source             : MSExchangeIS
TimeGenerated      : 09.11.2007 12:23:22
TimeWritten        : 09.11.2007 12:23:22
UserName           :
To find the mailbox causing this error you can use the following Exchange Management Shell command:
Get-MailboxStatistics | where { $_.MailboxGuid -eq ‘1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea’ } |ft displayname,mailboxguid
Change the GUID in the command to match the code you get in the error.
I love PowerShell!

One thought on “Exchange 2007: MSExchangeIS 9554”

  1. Or you could use Get-Mailbox -Identity GUID.

    In our case:

    Get-Mailbox -Identity 1d8768d9-cd02-4746-9c16-d6a212b4e5ea

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