Yet another (unannounced) Transporter Suite update

A new version of the Transport Suite for Lotus Domino has appeared on the Microsoft download site:
The vesion number is listed as 08.01.0223, and the file size of the transporter.msi file has also changed. Like last time this was not announced and no information exists about what changes have been made.
I am in the middle of a migration project and this is very frustrating. The Trasnporter team should provide updated release notes when htey change their bits. This is the worst version control, or lack thereof, I have ever seen in a professional product.
UPDATE: A recent KB article sheds some light on one of the changes in this newest version of the Transporter Suite. It is a change to fix the problem with foreign language characters not being displayed correctly after a mailbox has been migrated. The KB article is called Foreign characters in e-mail messages are not displayed correctly after you use Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino to migrate a mailbox to Exchange Server 2007 and is available here:

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