Update to Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino

Evidently the Transporter team has released an updated version of the Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino. I can find no updated release notes or any information about any changes. Then only evidence of an update is the size of the installer and the version reported by the management console.

Old version:


New version:


The old Transporter.msi file has a size of 8638 KB and the new one has a size of 8685 KB, in Explorer.

You are not allowed to update your current installation, but rather have to uninstall your old version first. Seems strange to me.

You can download the new version from this link:


Another peach of circumstantial evidence appears on this page; the publishing date is 05.04.2007. The original version of Transporter was released on 15.02.2007 (Valentine’s Day).

Hopefully more info about what has been fixed/updated will be available soon.

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