Meeting with Jesper Johansson from Microsoft

I just found out that I am invited to a lunch and later dinner date with Microsoft’s security guru Jesper Johansson. Jesper is a principal figure in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing program and is a frequent and popular speaker at the major Microsoft conferences such as TechEd and IT Forum. I have spoken with Jester at IT Forum before, but always very shortly and with thousands of people present. This time it will be only me and my colleagues from the Norwegian Microsoft TechNet Speaker Community. It will be a great opportunity to pick Jesper’s brain about security, a subject I feel strongly about, and anything else the conversation might turn to.

I am also invited to a seminar the next day where Jesper will be keynote speaker as well as hold some in-depth sessions. That also sounds very interesting.

I had the same oportunity earlier this year when I was invited to dinner with John Craddock and Sally Storey, but I had to cancel because I was going to Barcelona for a week 🙂

If you want to know more about Jesper Johansen and what he is up to (I recommend it), you can check out his blog:

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